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SOLUCIONES PLASTICAS INDUSTRIALES S.A., SOLIPLAST S. A is a company of the plastic industrial sector, incorporated as an anonymous society pursuant to the Public Deed # 1672 dated March 08th, 1995 issued by the Third Notary Office of the Circuit of Bucaramanga. The company is incorporated with 100% Colombian capital.

SOLIPLAST S.A. was designed with the purpose of contributing to the industrial development of Colombia by applying new alternatives for sustainable products through technology innovations and environmentally friendly products and services. Our products are intended to replace those products that traditionally have required deforestation of important natural resources and indiscriminate tree-cutting.

The positioning of SOLIPLAST S.A. at national level begins by offering an innovating, durable and high performance product manufactured using clean technology that contributes to the general industry by promoting good inventory management. Our company has served the Colombian and Latin American market for over 22 years and currently exports products to Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, San Salvador, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic. We have managed to contribute to the environment and improve life quality of humankind.

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