What is a pallet?

A pallet is a flat plastic structure whose purpose is to optimize the management, storage, and transport of goods and heavy loads. Pallets are also called stretchers or flats.

What is the technology utilized by Soliplast plastic pallets?

Soliplast plastic pallets are manufactured by low-pressure structural foam casting that results in a compact monolithic (no screws) resistant product of high quality and durability.

What material are Soliplast plastic pallets made of?

Soliplast plastic pallets are made of high-density virgin polyethylene

What kind of equipment is recommended to move Soliplast plastic pallets?

They can be handled manually or by electrical or mechanical machinery, depending on the pallet height and the size of the forks.

What are the measures of Soliplast plastic pallets?

The pallets in our portfolio conform to international regulations, that is, they measure 100x120x15 cm. We also have pallets with other measures for specific purposes.

What is the maximum working load of Soliplast plastic pallets?

Load capacity varies from 1,500 K. to 5,000 K for static loads and between 500 K. y 1,500 K. for dynamic loads, according to pallet specifications.

How much do Soliplast plastic pallets weigh?

Considering their functionality and the fact that each pallet can be utilized in different sectors, a broad variety of pallets is available and their weight is determined by their corresponding characteristics. Pallets weight range from 10 k. to 26 k.

What temperatures can Soliplast plastic pallets resist?

SOLIPLAST plastic pallets can resist temperaturas ranging from -40°C to 70°C without any change in their physical or functional characteristics.

Why should I choose a Soliplast plastic pallet?

SOLIPLAST plastic pallers are highly resistant, contribute to the protection of your products against external polluting agents and optimize your logistic process. They are washable with no impact on their physical condictions. The material they are made of ensures a longer life cycle as compared to other and greater protection for your products.

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