Maquila service

SOLIPLAST S. A. is the first and only company of the plastic sector in Colombia that utilizes the injection technology known as STRUCTURAL FOAM. The low – pressure injection capacity is up to 50 kilos per piece which results in the possibility of manufacturing large pieces with relatively low weight, with high properties and mechanical strength. The process is founding of the formation of plastic foam by injecting an inert gas that creates structural microcells. This gives the material strength and low density.

One of the main applications of this technology is the manufacturing of plastic pallets required by storage, transportation, and handling of endless amounts of goods and products from the general industry and commerce. SOLIPLAST does not only offer its products to the industrial sector. The company also offers its equipment and technology for those companies or entrepreneurs who require the manufacturing of plastic products in Colombia by offering a direct maquila service, either through the establishment of a FRANCHISE or through the renting of casts. In short, we are more than willing to listen to your needs and projects.

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