Recommendations for use

Remember that when the pallet is loaded, you should not push it with the forklift’s nails, as this can cause damage or fractures to it.
Avoid strong impacts when stowing merchandise, especially when the product is working at low temperatures. Also, avoid sudden changes in temperature, thus protecting the product and the Soliplast plastic pallets.
The technical characteristics of the Soliplast plastic pallets allow them to be used in the covered field or in the open. In addition, they can be cleaned or disinfected with mild chemical or detergent products.
To make good use of Soliplast plastic pallets, do not exceed the load capacity established in the technical sheet of each reference. Also, keep in mind that resistance levels apply only to load distributed evenly throughout the pallet area.
Avoid strong blows with the forklift’s nails or the manual stevedore at the moment of inserting them into the entrances of the Soliplast plastic pallets. The forklift’s nails should go to the bottom and have enough opening to avoid excessive deflections or accidents.

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