FOR PHYTOSANITARY MEASURES ISPM15 – PALLET PACKAGING The objective of ISPM15 is to decrease the risk of phytosanitary problems whose main cause is the entry or exit of wooden pallets that do not conform to the sanitary regulations for exporting packaging materials.

Buy our pallets and avoid logistic costs associated packaging such as the time devoted to phytosanitary inspection, payment of inspection fees to the authorities, increment in the cost of uploading and downloading and transportation of materials with pests that can result in quarantines or destruction of goods, as well as the payment of recurrence penalties.

Colombian exporters must be ready to conform to environmental regulations and avoid improvising in this matter due to the negative effects that might result from this malpractice. SOLIPLAST offers you a quick solution: invest in Soliplast plastic pallets and complete your exporting transactions easily and with no complications whatsoever.


Article 1. SCOPE Health is an issue of public interest. Therefore, the provisions in this Decree are also public since they regulate all the risky activities associated to food intake. This regulation is applied to the following cases:

  1. All factories and places where food is processed as well as the equipment of utensils used by the food manipulators.
  2. All the activities related to the manufacturing, processing, preparation, packaging, STORAGE, TRANSPORTATION, DELIVERY and commercialization of food within the national territory of Colombia
  3. All food items and raw materials utilized in the manufacturing, packaging, selling, exporting, and importing for human consumption purposes.
  4. All the surveillance and control activities exerted by sanitary authorities on manufacturing, processing, preparation, packaging, storage, transporting, delivery, importing, exporting and commercialization of food. This includes food and food raw materials.

COLOMBIAN DECREE 2270 OF 2012 ARTICLE 26. HACCP SYSTEM Abattoirs must conform to the HACCP system pursuant to the regulations issued by the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

COLOMBIAN DECREE 60 OF 2012 GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES (GMP): Basic hygiene principles and general practices during manipulation, preparation, manufacturing, packaging, STORAGE, TRANSPORTATION AND DELIVERY of food for human intake in order to ensure that products are manufactured in appropriate sanitary conditions and associated risks present in all the production chain are minimized.

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