Reposition Program

The commercial policy of Soliplast S.A. and its certification ISO 9001:2008 state that those customers acquiring our products can return the products to the company once the pallet useful life term is completed or when early deterioration occurs due to events beyond manufacturing control and based on the reposition program that our company offers to its customers.

If the customer hands over 5 pallets that have completed their useful life, Soliplast, in return, gives this customer 1 new pallet. In this case, the transportation service fee is paid by the customer.

When the customer hands over 6 pallets that have completed their useful life, SOLIPLAST gives this customer 1 new pallet and pays the transportation service fee.

Each pallet returned to Soliplast as part of this reposition program is examined by the Quality Department of Solipast in order to determine if the pallets returned by the customer have been manufactured by the company or if these pallets were not sent to the customer as field samples.

The traceability system of the Soliplast plastic products informs the manufacturing date of the product, the precise lot number, raw materials, and other relevant production information. We hope that our reposition policy conforms to your expectations because we are committed to solving your needs regarding storage and transportation of products.

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