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We use Structural Foam

This injection process
variety of products that adapt
of greater size and strength.

We developed two
assembly lines

With both systems we offer greater
variety of products that adapt
to the needs of our clients.

Pallet replenishment,
cutting and milling

When the pallets have already complied with
its life cycle, we can recover and reuse
this raw material in our processes.

25 years contributing to the
industrial development of Colombia


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yeah! Our pallets are designed to suit your needs, which is why each one is different in its design and manufacturing. Consult with the Soliplast advisor in your area for advice through our WhatsApp chat. Stowage for storage on shelves requires a development and a structure that meets the highest demands in terms of resistance and durability, compared to stowage for storage on the floor, which is why the investment price increases.

You can use our plastic pallets for racking, on the floor, but you cannot use plastic pallets for floor on the racks, since the latter do not have the structure required for correct performance on the metal structure.

Yes! The storage must be carried out only at the level of the floor. For cases in which were stored in rooms of freezing or temperatures above -18° C shelf, the pallets must be manufactured with a special formulation that is suitable for storage in low temperatures.

In Colombia, Resolution 2673 of the year 2013 of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection establishes the sanitary requirements evaluated by INVIMA for companies in the food and pharmaceutical sector. Exporting companies could reduce the time designated for phytosanitary inspection by using Soliplast pallets since, being plastic, they are not subject to the revision of the NIMF-15 PHYTOSANITARY standard. Regarding Safety and Health at Work, Soliplast pallets have a weight that ranges between 8 and 25 kilograms, this means that they comply with the maximum weight allowed for habitual handling (20kg) and the maximum sporadic weight allowed (40kg). We invite you to review all our information on regulations for plastic pallets.

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