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Knows our pallets to use on the floor, made from injection of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which allows the production of light products. They also provide non-slip surfaces, surfaces closed or with a fan, a Stretcher to store ideal for work areas with wet, cold rooms or spaces of the building.

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Learn how you can use our stretcher plastic and achieve a distribution of your goods successfully.

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El valor de nuestros pallets varía de acuerdo a la referencia que tu operación requiera, conoce el precio de las opciones que tenemos para piso.

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We are manufacturers of pallets plastic of high quality, specifically made for each of your logistical needs of storage and loading of merchandise. Check out our wide variety of pallets with plastics that we have to offer you.

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You should know that for the proper use of our pallets plastic floor you can't use them on the shelf, because they do not have the ideal structure for the proper performance over the metal structure; however, you can use the pallets plastic shelf, floor, without any difficulty. If you want to see all our categories of pallets plastic, we invite you to visit:

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So, our pallets plastic withstand temperatures of freezing or refrigeration. We recommend that the storage is carried out hagasolo to the level of the floor. If you need a storage with a temperature above -18° C with shelf, your hood should be manufactured using a formulation specialist, suitable for storage in low temperatures. To communicate with our advisors in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, you can visit:

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