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What industries can use pallets plastic Soliplast?

Estos son solo algunos productos para los que nuestros pallets plásticos pueden ser una alternativa ideal para almacenamiento y transporte, pero existen muchas otras industrias que pueden beneficiarse de la alta calidad de los pallets plásticos Soliplast.

  • Food and drinks.
  • Pharmacists.
  • Tobacco.
  • Chemical substances and products.
  • Minerals.

Lubricants and oils from the oil.

Agricultural products such as mango, cocoa and passion fruit.

Drugs or chemicals.

Foods derived from poultry or meat.

What are the features of the pallets plastic Soliplast?

– Made of HDPE

– Sturdy but lightweight, thanks to our technology, Structural Foam

– Easy to clean, odorless and non-toxic

– Resistant to high and low temperatures

– Environment-friendly

What are the benefits use pallets plastic Soliplast?

– Optimization of the process of storage and logistics

– Long-term savings thanks to its durability

– Fuel savings of truck thanks to its weight

– Regulatory compliance phytosanitary

– Increased security for your employees

– Aid for the conservation of forests, preventing the cutting of trees

Prevents the phytosanitary inspection, depending on the product.

You save the cost of the possible destruction of materials with pests.

Do you prevent the loss of merchandise through the quarantine.

Avoid possible penalties for recidivism.

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