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You know who we are
and we do in Soliplast

We are a company 100% colombian with more than 25 years of
experience in the manufacturing and distribution of pallets plastic
monolithic HDPE at national and international level.

Our company

Solutions industrial plastic S.A. - SOLIPLAST S. A. a company belonging to the Industrial sector of Plastic, which is constituted as a public limited company with capital of 100% colombian and formalized by means of a Public Deed No. 1672 March 8, 1995, at the Notary's Third Circle of Bucaramanga.


Mission and vision of our company

Durante 29 años hemos trabajado con constancia para lograr las metas que nos hemos planteado. Conoce aquí cómo trabajamos para lograrlo.

How we work

In Soliplast SA we use technology structural foam for the manufacture of pallets and plastic, which is unique in Colombia. This technology is special for the production of plastic products injected large, thick-walled, light weight and high robustness.

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Our team

In Soliplast we work with energy and satisfaction for our work, ensuring high standards of quality and innovation in our processes and fostering a work environment that is friendly and dignified; based on mutual respect, which assesses the difference of opinion and promotes diversity and inclusion.

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