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The focus of Production in Closed-loop Soliplast S. A is distinguished by the use of clean technologies and recycled raw materials for the development of sustainable pallets plastic.


In the market there is a replacement plan similar

Our contribution to society and the environment relates to our production process in closed-loopthat includes not only the rational use of raw materials and resources, but it also implies a vision based on the development of sustainable pallets plastic.

This generates a value added only for the market that minimizes the impact on the environment and stimulates the circular economy.


Provision and replacement of the pallets

When the life cycle of the pallets plastic Soliplast ends, your company must perform the final disposition of the same. For that, we have designed a mechanism available-replacement that allows your business to have a salvage value generating a cost reduction of up to a 20% of the value of new pallets that you need to purchase.

The pallets that we collect are integrated again in the productive system, with the guarantee of always deliver pallets protecting your investment and the ecosystem that we will leave to future generations.