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Organize your rack with plastic pallets Soliplast

Knows our pallets versatile to be used in different applications such as: rack or floors. In addition, our plastic pallets will offer capacities of up to 8,000 pounds on the floor and 1,500 kilos in a rack. Our types of pallets, industrial plastic are immune to any kind of insects, and have the capacity to support between -40 °C and + 70°C.

Know the terms of the warranty of our products:

How to locate the pallets?

Discover how to locate the right way with our pallets plastic in your storage areas, and loading of merchandise.

¿Cuánto cuestan los pallets Soliplast?

El valor de nuestros pallets varía de acuerdo a la referencia que tu operación requiera, conoce el precio de las opciones que tenemos para estantería.

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We are manufacturers of pallets plastic of high quality, specifically made for each of your logistical needs of storage and loading of merchandise. Check out our wide variety of pallets with plastics that we have to offer you.
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It effectively! The pallets plastic floor are different to the pallets plastic storage shelf. Each one of our pallets plastic are designed to fit the needs of our customers, that is why each one is different, both in terms of design and workmanship.

In addition to the pallets for the floor and shelves, you'll be able to find other types of pallets of plastic, such as:

One Way

Spill containment pallets

Plastic floors

To purchase our pallets plastic you need to contact one of our advisors Soliplast specific to your area, and be able to communicate through our chat WhatsApp. And if you want advice more personalized, you can communicate from:

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