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What industries can use pallets plastic Soliplast?

Our pallets plastic 40 x 48" designed especially for the american market, they are ideal for any industry in the USA, most of our customers belong to the sectors food, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial and logistics, enterprises committed to the optimization of their processes of storage, and with the conservation of the environment.

What are the features of the pallets plastic Soliplast?

– Made of HDPE

– Sturdy but lightweight, thanks to our technology, Structural Foam

– Easy to clean, odorless and non-toxic

– Resistant to high and low temperatures

– Environment-friendly

What are the benefits use pallets plastic Soliplast?

– Optimization of the process of storage and logistics

– Long-term savings thanks to its durability

– Fuel savings of truck thanks to its weight

– Regulatory compliance phytosanitary

– Increased security for your employees

– Aid for the conservation of forests, preventing the cutting of trees

Exempt from the ISPM 15

Resistant to contamination, odor and corrosion

Customizable color and logo of your company

Durable, reusable, and without maintenance costs

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