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Do you already know our plastic floors to cover surfaces?

We show you here our products made to storeys, with a warranty of up to 3 years and to distribute in the whole of Latin america.

Know the terms of the warranty of our products:

Use of pallets

Learn how to make proper use of our pallets plastic Soliplast. Look at the following chart, how to dispose of your pallets ecologicaldepending on the type of storage of your cargo.


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You know all the prices (not including VAT) of our pallets plastic Soliplast, and knows all of our product offerings for your logistics of storage and cargo:

You know all the pallets
our company

We are manufacturers of pallets plastic of high quality, specifically made for each of your logistical needs of storage and loading of merchandise. Check out our wide variety of pallets with plastics that we have to offer you.

Pallets for rack storage

plastic pallets for floor

One Way export pallets

Spill containment pallets

Some of our references of pallets plastic have stock available for immediate delivery. If the reference you are looking for is not available, our delivery time will be between 10 and 15 business days. And if you want to check the effectiveness of the delivery of our products, we invite you to see the types of pallets plastic that we have in our company:

Pallets for the floor

Pallets for shelves

One Way

Spill containment pallets

In Soliplast we have International sales forms of advance payments, for a 100% or 50% advance and 50% credit. These credits are subject to studies and approves our Financial Area. To read more about our forms of international shipments, we invite you to consult for free with our regional advisers for:

Soliplast Colombia

Soliplast Peru

Soliplast Bolivia