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We develop stows no spill for different volumes, designed to liquid containmentwith drainage system with connection 1/2” female NPT.

Our pallets have plastic welding which allows for great versatility for the production of structures that are adaptable to the requirements of the clients.

Know the terms of the warranty of our products:

How do I locate the pallets?

We teach you to locate successfully your pallets plastic. Look at the following chart, and find out how to do this:

How much do they cost pallet?

El valor de nuestros pallets varía de acuerdo a la referencia que tu operación requiera, conoce el precio de las opciones que tenemos en estibas de contención de líquidos (línea antiderrame).

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We are manufacturers of pallets plastic of high quality, specifically made for each of your logistical needs of storage and loading of merchandise. Check out our wide variety of pallets with plastics that we have to offer you.

Pallets for rack storage

plastic pallets for floor

One Way export pallets

Modular plastic

In Soliplast we care about the quality and safety of our pallets plastic, because we know that our customers should receive the best products, so that they can transport and store your goods under the indexes of warranty and durability more conducive for their benefit. That is why in Soliplast we offer the following categories of pallets plastic:

Pallets for shelves

Pallets for the floor

One Way

Plastic floors

Now you'll be able to contact you with our expert advisors from different countries in Latin america. Discover the area closest to you and takes your pallets plastic with some of the best technical specifications, sustainable and high quality in the market:

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